The 102nd anniversary of the death of one of the most loved rulers of Serbia, HM King Peter I, was marked today in the Mausoleum of the Royal Family, Saint George’s Church in Oplenac. Mr. Predrag Markovic, a member of the Crown Council, attended the State ceremony as the representative of HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

“The legacy of my great-grandfather, King Peter I, outlived him and represented an important part not only of the history of our people but also of our present days. He was a true democratic monarch, whom the people knew for the spirit of assembly, harmony, unity, and the overall progress of the Serbian state, one of the greatest and most important rulers of Serbian history, a real national and constitutional King, the one for whom national well-being and rule according to the Constitution and the law were more important than anything else. I am proud to be a descendant of such a great and noble man”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

Holy Liturgy and memorial service were officiated by His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija. After the church service, as part of the ceremony of paying respect to the beloved King, wreaths were laid on his tomb by: Mr. Predrag Markovic, on behalf of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, who due to previously arranged obligations abroad was not able to personally attend, TRH Prince Mihailo and Princess Ljubica, HE Mr. Nikola Selakovic, Minister for Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs representatives of the Army of Serbia, Municipality of Topola, Kingdom of Serbia Association, which is under Crown Prince’s patronage, representatives of Foundation of King Peter I in Oplenac, and people who gathered to pay their respects to “Uncle Pete”, as people, out of love, called King Peter I.