Born in Pančevo in 1976. Graduated and obtained an MA on heraldry from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade, department of Anglistics. Having been a teacher and a professor of English in his very much younger days, now his sole scope of professional and scientific work comprises heraldry, vexillology, phaleristics, sigillography, archontology, symbology (to wit iconography, semiotics, symbolic anthropology), and sociologic component of symbolically defining this society and the suprasocilogic category of Serbdom on a transdisciplinary level through the vocation of herald, heraldist, heraldic artist, scientific researcher, lecturer and author. He currently works on a PhD thesis “Influence of the English language on blazoning in Serbian”. In the Royal Household he performs the duties and holds the titles and privileges of Herald (from August 2013), Chancellor of Royal Orders (from December 2013), as well as Heraldic Artist (from September 2010). From February 2017 he is a member of the Crown Cabinet of the Royal House. He is the Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Crown and the Grand Officer of the Royal Order of the White Eagle. He is author of 2900 heraldic artworks on the international level (to date, Feb. 2017) and among the dearest to him are all the insignia of the Republic of Serbia and its dignitaries (based on the blazons from 1882) as well as more than 200 works for the Royal House of Serbia with the full diachronic and synchronic range of historic existence and usage of heraldry etc. In a theoretical sense, the study he finds most pleasant is the interplay of Eastern Roman symbology and Western heraldry through the prism of the Serbian merge of the two systems. In the political realm he studies the theory and practice of polycentric post-Yugoslav Serbdom and the possibility and challenges of introducing direct (electronic) democracy and the relationship of our Eastern Roman and monarchical heritage towards the idea. He speaks English, French and Irish, has working knowledge of Latin and understands a very good deal of written German, Italian, Spanish, Scottish etc. In his spare time he writes poems and stories for children and grown-ups. Lives in Belgrade, is in the happiest marriage and is a father to one good little Mihajlo and one good little Irena.

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