Milovan Danojlić (Ivanovci, 3 July 1937 – 23 November 2022) was a Serbian writer who had lived and worked in France since 1984.  He finished high school in Belgrade in 1957, and in 1973 graduated at the Department of French Studies at the Faculty of Philology. He had worked for the daily newspapers Borba and Politika, as well as for the NIN magazine and several literary journals. He had worked as a Serbo-Croatian language editor at the University of Poitiers, and for several years he had performed the duties of a foreign associate of the Paris Radio.

He has been a member of SASA since 2000, first as an outside member, then as a correspondent member, and from 8 November 2018 as a regular member. One of the 13 intellectuals who restored the work of the pre-war Democratic Party in 1989.

He has published more than 70 books of fiction and poetry in Serbian. He writes poetry, prose, essays and literary criticism. He has translated and edited a large number of children’s books; he has translated the works of famous writers (Shakespeare, Baudelaire, Brodsky, Cioran, Aragon, Pound, Yates, Ionesco, Claudel), written in French and English . The best-known Danojlic’s books are “Some Kind of Circus”, “Personal Things – Reflections of Myself and Others” and “Ballad of Poverty”.

He has received several literary awards, the most prominent being:

• NIN Award for the work of “Liberators and Traitors” 1997.

• Belgrade October Award, Zmaj, Branko Copic, Isidora Sekulic, Desanka Maksimovic, Mladost, Mlado pokoljenje, Neven, “Golden Sunflower” awards, Zica Chrysobulls, Milos Djuric Award for Translation, Stamp of Time literary award.

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