Gasic Miroslav

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Gasic, CC, SANU, PhD in Chemistry, Professor of the Belgrade University (Faculty of Sciences), Head of the Organic Chemistry Department. Research associate, Worc. Found. for Experimental Biology, Shrewsburry (MA,USA, 1965/6), Research associate, UCLA, Chemistry Department (USA, 1966/7), Visiting scientist, Indiana University, Bloomington (Ind.USA, 1972/3), Visiting scholar Nat.Acad.Sci (Washington, USA, 1982 and 1990). Executive Board of the Serbian Chem. Society Member, President Union of Chem. societies of Yugoslavia, Member of American Chemistry Society and German Chemistry Society. Received October Award of Belgrade (1988). Born in 1932 in Belgrade. Married, father of two daughters. Resides in Belgrade (Serbia, Yugoslavia). Author of more than 90 scientific articles in international scientific journals, primarily about marine natural products (isolation, structure, biological activity), essential oils, organic reactions, etc.

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