Pavic Milorad

Prof. Milorad Pavic, PhD (Belgrade, 15 October 1929 – Belgrade, 30 November 2009) was a Serbian prose writer, historian of 17th-19th century Serbian literature, an expert on Baroque and symbolism, translator of Pushkin and Byron, former dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, university professor, academician and member of the Crown Council.

Milorad Pavic, PhD in literature, retired professor at the University of Novi Sad and Belgrade. Member of the European Association of Culture and the International Council of the Moscow monthly “Foreign Literature”. He has won many awards, including: Mesa Selimovis Award, 7 July Award, NIN Book of the Year Award, AVNOJ Award, Education Award, University Library Award, Great Golden Ring of Belgrade …

Author of many books with more than 60 translations worldwide. Poems: Palimpsesti (1965), Moonstone (1967); Short Stories: Iron Curtain (1963), Russian Greyhound (1979), Horses of St. Mark (1973), Souls Bathe for the Last Time (1982), Inverted Glove (1989); Novels: Little Night Novel (1981), Khazar Dictionary (1984), Landscape Painted with Tea (1988), Inner Side of the Wind (1991), Last Love in Constantinople (1994), Fish Skin Hat (1995); literary history: History of Serbian literature of classicism and pre-romanticism (1979), Birth of new Serbian literature (1983); poetic translations of Pushkin in verse: Gypsies, The Little House in Kolomna and Eugene Onegin, etc.