Born 27th July 1956 in Belgrade, Serbia

BA Law – Faculty of Law, Belgrade University, January 1981

He became a member of the Chamber of Law (passed the exam at the Supreme Court of Serbia) in 1984.

He has been working as an attorney since 1982. Specialized training in the legal regulations of foreign investments.

Legal Advisor to His Royal Highness Prince Aleksander II

Director of the Belgrade Institute for Geopolitical Studies since 1996. During this period the Institute issued the following titles, as well as organizing numerous round tables, press conferences etc.

The Geopolitical Surroundings of Serbs (1997)

Kosovo and Metohija – challenges and answers (1997)

Ignacio Ramonet: The Geopolitics of Chaos (1998)

‘Great Albania’ – the Concept and Possible Consequences (1998)

Basic Doctrine of the Defense of Republika Srpska (1999)

Geopolitical Crossroads (2000)

The Peace Partnership and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (2001)

Senior Operator of the non government organization Counsel for Democratic Changes in Serbia. Latest project – ‘Victims of the Communist Regime since 1944 until 1956 in Serbia’

Since its founding in 2001, Director of the Atlantic Council of Serbia and Montenegro, a non government agency which stands for euro-atlantic integrations and values. The Atlantic Council is a member of ATA, who closely collaborates with NATO.

In August 2004 the Government of Serbia and Montenegro appointed him as Director of the Fund for the Reform of the Defense System, until 31st May 2006. The fund dealt with the turnover of real estate properties of the army of Serbia and Montenegro as well as providing funds for the building of housing, acquiring of equipment and social programs. From 2006 until August 2007 – Counselor for the legal and economic matters of the rector and owner of the Megatrend University, the largest private University in Serbia.

Since August 2006 and currently – Head of Equest, Investment Fund which has invested around 1 billion euros so far in various infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro.

He has been appointed by His Royal Highness the Prince Aleksandar II Karađorđević as a member of the Executive Board of the Endowment of King Petar I Karađorđević on Oplenac.

He is a member of the Crown Cabinet.

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