The filming of the documentary series which covers the exciting and interesting life story of HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia has begun, with “The Crown, the State, and the People’ as the working title.

The first shots of this documentary were taken at the end of March in London at Claridge’s hotel, a very significant and symbolic location, in the very suite 212 he was born in 1945. In the upcoming period, further filming will take place in various locations in Serbia but also in other countries of the world, with the participation of numerous well-known people.

“I was very happy to begin the filming in the very place where my journey started, and I am looking forward to taking further participation in this project and speaking about moments in my life, that I am sure will be interesting for the broader public. I am also looking forward that many other people will take part and join me in telling my life story”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

The documentary series is being produced independently by Lazar Vukovic of Wolf Entertainment, who the audience in Serbia got to know well with one of his previous documentaries, “Boycie in Belgrade”. “I am honoured to be working with HRH Crown Prince Alexander on such a significant project which embraces the love one has for their country and the love for their people. We have a lot of interesting stories and in-depth analysis which will make this documentary series very popular indeed. We have interest from large broadcasters, however, it’s important that we are creating this independently so that His Royal Highness has complete editorial control.”

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