His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander, deeply worried by the current situation in Eastern Europe that could have a dangerous impact on the entire world, issued an appeal for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

„With great disturbance and sadness, I have been following the news about the conflict in Ukraine. I want to send my appeal to all parties included, to all world leaders, to find a peaceful solution for this terrible conflict. War is never a good option, it only brings destruction, pain, and suffering to innocent people, and I am deeply worried for the future of the entire society if this conflict continues.

There is no issue that can not be resolved with open talks; negotiating table is always the only proper place to resolve conflicts. When guns start to speak, humanity suffers. I wish and pray to see all parties included in this conflict to sit down and find a peaceful solution.

I am strongly supporting the official position of the Republic of Serbia, not to take sides in this tragedy, but to remain neutral, to respect the territorial integrity and international law, which is of high importance for our country as well, and to appeal for and keep peace. People of Serbia know very well how much terror conflicts like this bring, we have suffered a lot in the past. And no one should suffer like that anymore. The world that we all live in, needs peace desperately!“, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.