Regarding constant new pressure and attacks of the forces of the so-called “State of Kosovo” on Serbs, HRH Crown Prince Alexander issued the following statement, sending his condemnation of the violence against our people and supporting their struggle: 

“For days now, more and more disturbing news is coming to us from Kosovo and Metohija, about the terrible oppression and terror against Serbs from the institutions of the so-called “State of Kosovo”. The hope that it will stop, was in vain. Our people are victims of uncalled and mindless violence, which seems to be escalating on a daily basis. Serbs, including children, are once again being attacked, arrested, and forced to live in constant danger and unrest. Our people want to live normally and peacefully in their homes, on the land of their ancestors. The human rights of our people must be respected.  

The actions of the so-called “Pristina institutions” are very dangerous, and it is the last moment that the international community makes an end to this “playing with fire” and do what is necessary to create a stable surrounding in which Serbs can live. The well-being of people and the preservation of peace must be a priority. I extend my support for our people in our holy land, Kosovo and Metohija. Also, I will repeat the same words I have said before – these proud women and men have suffered so much, defending their right to live in the place which was, is, and always will be in the heart of every member of our nation, which is the birthplace of our country, and the essence of our spiritual being. This tormenting of innocent people and the mad violence must end now! The Serbs in Kosovo deserve that their human rights be honoured, and that their voices be heard. They deserve to live!”, stated Crown Prince Alexander.