Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadjordjevic (75), unlike some spectacular celebrations on the occasion of his birthday in the past, celebrated his day this year in isolation on July 17, in the Royal Palace, with his wife Katarina. Modestly, without any ceremony. Without the opportunity for their children, family and friends to attend the birthday party, there was no need to celebrate. And why would? Alexander is deeply shaken by the coronavirus pandemic situation, and his wife and he belong to the most at-risk groups, due to their age.

For “Story” magazine, Aleksandar begins an honest conversation about current events in his life.

STORY: How did you celebrate your birthday given that we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Crown Prince: My wife and I marked my birthday together very calmly. I had shish kebabs,  a delicious chocolate cake with only a few candles and champagne. It was so nice to receive so many wonderful birthday wishes. I warmly thank my wife for making my birthday a good one. The sad thing was not be surround by family and friends. The good thing to remember that they were taking care and being safe.

STORY: Have you traveled anywhere since March when the virus pandemic started and how do you see children who are living abroad? Do you miss them and how much?

Crown Prince: We have been as I put it under “palace arrest” and taken good care of our staff and ourselves. My wife and I miss our family and friends very much. We are in touch through the internet with the family and friends. We are very glad that everyone is being very cautious with the terrible situation and that they are safe. We pray for a better future for everyone.

STORY: Which celebration on the occasion of your birthday do you remember the most and why?

Crown Prince: My most memorable birthday was my 50th one in London when I made a wish that I would like to be home for my 6oth birthday I was so glad that this wish came true.

STORY: In addition to Queen Elizabeth, who is your godmother and attended your 50th birthday celebration, you had the opportunity to meet Princes William and Harry, and their wives.  How do you like them?

Crown Prince: We were at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it was amazing wedding and the biggest one we have ever attended; we have also seen them since then. We have also seen the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and enjoyed talking to them, they were so good to us.

STORY: Being twins, how similar are your sons Philip and Alexander, and what is the eldest Peter? Who most of them resembles you in character?

Crown Prince: Philip and Alexander are different characters, in fact they are fraternal twins and not identical twins. Peter is also different in character he is two years older that the twins. They are all taking good care and are safe. We are also glad that members of the family are safe and sound.

STORY: Your marriage to Princess Katherine is very harmonious and harmonious. What are your favorite common rituals?

Crown Prince: We will be married this year for 35 years. Our love for each other is strong. We thank God that we are healthy and strong.

STORY: On what postulates and values ​​is marriage based today, when we are witnessing a general climate of intolerance and the declining sustainability of the institution of marriage?

Crown Prince: To respect each other, tolerance and understanding every day for each other these are vital recipes for a good marriage. To be supportive of each and to have patience is also important. I know these are very difficult times for families what with the pandemic and the fear of not having a job. Everyday day everyone is thinking what the future is and how they are going to survive.

STORY: How have you and your wife Katherine felt since the beginning of the pandemic? What are your predictions regarding the duration of the virus and the impact on the overall consciousness of people and the world economy?

Crown Prince:We followed the requests of the government and pandemic specialists and know that the country was doing the same. We both know how difficult it is for the people. This virus is very complex, and it brings new things every day. We hope as soon a possible that an effective vaccination will be proven to work and that it will save all of us. It is a very difficult situation. We also both wish for peace, wisdom and tolerance to prevail. There is no magic solution and anger will certainly not solve our current predicament. Keep social distance and wear masks. Remember our hospitals are bursting and the government is building more hospitals. Our doctors, nurses and hospital works are risking their lives to save lives. I appeal to everyone don’t make it worse. Once again wear masks and social distance – this is very logical.

STORY: What are you most proud of and what would you change if you could turn back time? Do you regret anything?

Crown Prince: I am proud that my wife and I have helped our country with humanitarian assistance. Our people have gone through a lot and still are particularly due to Covid-19 and the insecurity of jobs.  When I was old enough to realize it that I was in the wrong country and not at home in Belgrade shocked me. Then only a few years later I was shocked again of what had been done to my father King Peter II that struck me. Later another shock that everything my grandfather did was stolen even though he paid it all with the income of investing in three gold mines and shares. He paid taxes and that means the properties where privately owned. That is what I regret that was done against my family “in the name of the people (u ime naroda)” and incredibly the injustice still goes on. I must also mention I was totally shocked to learn that I had become an enemy of the state at the ripe age of two, I must have been very dangerous, can you imagine what a human rights violation that was. Enough is enough.

Spectacular celebration in Claridge’s

Princess Katherine organized a spectacular celebration of the 50th birthday of Crown Prince Alexander in 1995 at the Claridge’s Hotel in London, which was attended by monarchs and distinguished guests from all over the world, including Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

It is interesting that Alexander was born in that hotel, in apartment number 212. An unusual place of his birth was the place where his father, King Peter II and mother Queen Alexander lived at that time. King Peter II then asked the British government to temporarily declare the apartment in which Alexander would be born Yugoslav territory, so that the future King would be born on the territory of his country.