HRH Crown Prince Alexander sends his congratulations to the citizens of Serbia on the forthcoming Statehood Day of Serbia, on the holiday of the Meeting of the Lord (Serbian “Sretenje Gospodnje”), with a message that we all should be proud of our history, worthy descendants and continuers of our ancestor’s legacy:

“On the occasion of the Statehood Day of our homeland, I extend my sincere congratulations and warmest wishes to all citizens of Serbia! This is the day to be proud of our national heritage, of the liberating and progressive spirit of our nation, which is also leading us in the present days, but also towards the future.

Nothing in the world can exist without its roots, without its foundation. And our country and our people have strong foundations on which we stand, left to us by our forefathers, who sacrificed themselves so we can live in freedom. On the day when we are marking the anniversary since my ancestor, Supreme Leader George Petrovic Karadjordje, and his heroic soldiers started the struggle for the final liberation of Serbia from centuries lasting enslavement in 1804, but also the anniversary since the adoption of the first Serbian Constitution in 1835, which was so much ahead of its time by the level of democratic, and liberal attitudes presented in it, we must all be grateful to our predecessors and deeply honour the legacy they left us.

But this legacy obliges us as well, it carries a great responsibility. It binds us to be worthy descendants, those who will continue the supreme and noble work of developing and improving statehood, so we can leave a strong and prosperous country to those who will come after us, to our children. We also must teach them by our own example, to wholeheartedly love our country and our people, and to never do anything that would bring shame to its good name.

Poets would say that we and the time we live in are nothing but a “small grain in infinity”. But even from the smallest grain, a rich fruit can appear. Even the smallest grain leaves a mark of its existence, and we must be sure that the marks we are leaving are noble and worthy and be aware that only united we are strong enough to create a memorable legacy of our own.

Remembering the Meeting of the Lord of 1804 and wishing all of us to always celebrate this day as proud citizens of Serbia, united in love towards our nation and our country, I congratulate this great holiday, wishing all of us and our country much success and prosperity. Long live Serbia!”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.