Persida Karadjordjevic (15 February 1813 – 29 March 1873) was the Princess consort of Serbia as the wife of Alexander Karadjordjevic.

Persida was born in Brankovina, the daughter of voivode (commander) Jevrem Nenadovic and Jovanka Milovanovic. Her paternal grandfather was Jakov Nenadovic, the first Serbian Interior Minister of Revolutionary Serbia, maternal grandfather Mladen Milovanovic was the first Minister of Defence.

On 1 June 1830 in Hotin, Bessarabia, at the age of 17, she married Alexander Karadjordjevic, the son of Karadjordje Petrovic, who was elected the Prince of Serbia in 1842.

With Prince Alexander she had ten children: daughters Poleksija, Kleopatra, Jelena and Jelisaveta (died in infancy), and sons Aleksije, Svetozar, Andrej (all three died as children), Petar, Djordje and Arsen.

The influence of Princess Persida was felt In Serbia of that era, both in politics and in culture. She participated in establishing the first Serbian theater in 1847. At her initiative, the Church of St. Ilija in Sokobanja was erected and a precious cross was donated to the Church of the Ascension in Mionica.

For her charitable work and cultural activities, Sultan Abdul Majid awarded her the Order of the Padishah Portrait in 1864. She also organized frequent art promotion gatherings that were quite significant for the life of the Serbian capital.

In 1858, Prince Alexander came into conflict with the members of the State Council, and eventuylly was coerced to abdicate, after which his moved family to Timişoara.

Princess Persida died on 29 March 1873 at the age of 60 in Vienna. In 1912, their son King Peter ordered the remains of her and Prince Alexander to be moved to the Church of St. George in Oplenac.

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