Dusan T. Batakovic, PC, Historian, Lecturer at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Belgrade University. Research Fellow at the Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Belgrade. Current Research: Transition in the Balkans 1990-1996. Member of the Inner Council of the Serbian Democratic Club “Odbrana” (Defense), President of Council for Democratic Changes (for the Homeland).

Born in Belgrade in 1957. Studied in Belgrade, Ma in History, PhD at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV (France and the Creation of Parliamentary Democracy in Serbia 1830-1914). Widowed, father of two.

Published books: The Decani Question (Belgrade, 1989), The French Revolution 1789-1989 (Belgrade, 1989), Kosovo-Metohia in Serbian History (Belgrade, 1989), Contemporaries on Kosovo-Metohia 1850-1912 (Belgrade, 1989), The Battle of Kolubara 1914 (Belgrade, 1989), Le Kosovo-Metohija dans l’histoire serbe (Lausanne, 1990), Kosovo-Metohia in Serbo-Albanian Relations (Pristina, 1991), Nacertanije of Ilija Garasanin (Beograd, 1991), The Kosovo Chronicles (Belgrade, 1992), Kosovo, la spirale de la haine (Lausanne, 1993), La Yougoslavie: nations, religions, ideologies (Lausanne, 1994), The Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, History and politics (Paris, 1996), The Serbs and Their National Interest (San Francisco, 1997), Kosovo-Metohia; History and Ideology (Beograd-Valjevo-Srbinje, 1998), Cronica de la Kosovo (Bucuresti, 1999), etc.