An exhibition showing the creation of the interior of Saint George Church in Oplenac was officially opened tonight in the Karadjordje’s residence in Topola . The author of the exhibition is Mr. Dragomir Acovic, Chairman of the Crown Council. The opening ceremony was attended by president of Topola Municipality Mr Dragan Zivanovic, members of the Advoisory Bodies to the Crown as well as many representatives of Serbian cultural and public life.

The exhibition is taking place in Karadjordje’s residence where visitors will be able to see part of story about the creation of the interior of the Saint George Church, presented through preserved mosaic templates from the collection of the Foundation of King Peter I and Nikola Krasnov ’s drawings showing his participation in creating the details of the church interior.

Welcoming the guests Mr. Dragomir Acovic said: “Tonight’s exhibition reminds us how this church was created and that today we can proudly stand in front of our ancestors, as well in front of our contemporaries and descendants. Before anyone became aware of what had been built, why it had been built and what it will mean, this church was created. Luckily if they were aware of the future meaning, this project would never have been completed. In this exhibition, we also offer an exclusive look at one part of the rich talent of a man whose drawings have spoken instead of him. That man was Nikola Krasnov”.

During the opening ceremony, in addition to the author, the audience was also addressed by Mr. Aleksandar Leko, architect.

As of tomorrow, all visitors of the Karadjordje’s residence in Topola will be able to see the exhibition.

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