As a reaction to the request for the Resolution on Srebrenica before the General Assembly of the United Nations, HRH Hereditary Prince Philip issued a statement condemning this deeply wrong request, pointing out that it does not show respect for the victims, but only new and deeper divisions.

“No one’s victim should be forgotten, but politics must not victimise a nation either. The International Court of Justice has ruled that Serbia is in no way responsible for the alleged genocide in Srebrenica. I condemn the deeply flawed request for a Resolution on Srebrenica before the UN General Assembly. This request does not respect the victims and fosters only new and deeper divisions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the stigmatisation of the Serbian people. It is time for wisdom, not division. Support for the Serbian people in the Republic of Srpska is essential”, stated HRH Hereditary Prince Philip.

Photo – Milan Ilić