TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine are very happy that today the ladies from the International Women Club, visited the Royal Complex, and were greeted at the Royal Palace by Her Royal Highness.

In a pleasant conversation, Crown Princess Katherine spoke with the ladies, which were led by the new President of the Club, Mrs. Kim Eun Hai, about the activities of the Royal family of Serbia, presented them with the works of her Foundation, and plans for the future, and as always, used this great opportunity to emphasize and get them acquainted with the beauty of Serbia and high achievements and potential of our people. She also invited them to work together for the benefit of all, emphasizing that the Royal family is always there for cooperation.

The ladies during the tour of the Royal Complex had an opportunity to get themselves better acquainted with the history of the Royal family and its home.

The International Women’s Club of Belgrade is a non-government, non-profit organization consisting of members from approximately 40 different countries. IWC members are ladies from the diplomatic and business communities, temporarily located in Belgrade, and local woman of the same profile with experience of membership in similar clubs from abroad. The Club’s goals are to promote friendship and solidarity among women, help them adjust to their host country and understand and fraternize with the local culture, and to contribute to it with charitable and philanthropic actions.