Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic spends these last weeks in isolation at the Royal Palace in Belgrade with his wife, Princess Katherine.

Given that they both belong to the riskiest group, the Karadjordjevic couple adheres to strict measures to combat the spread of corona virus.

In a statement to the Informer, the Crown Prince Aleksandar points out that the situation with the corona virus should be taken very seriously.

– My wife and I have been in Serbia since the epidemic began. We do not go out anywhere and follow the instructions of our Government in a disciplined manner.

We are here with our people and together we share the same destiny. We spend time in isolation by looking in every possible way to help the nation, the state, the president, the prime minister and the medical staff, who are truly our true heroes.

My wife collects donations for hospitals across Serbia around the clock to better supply them with the necessary equipment to fight corona virus … – he states.

He adds that he is not afraid:

– Although I am in this risk group for years, I am not afraid. There is caution but no fear.

My wife and I adhere to all expert advice and the Government of Serbia. So, I urge everyone to listen to the recommendations and stay home.

Serbia has been in a difficult situation many times in history but has always emerged as the winner.