The Electoral Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, the largest NGO in Serbia that is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, was held at the Royal Palace today, and solemn part was held in the presence of TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine. The Assembly was attended by more than 60 delegates from all parts of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.

“The road to restoring the monarchy is not easy, it is full of challenges and obstacles. The Kingdom of Serbia Association, through its work and promotion of the values that the monarchy represents, as well as by providing support and assistance to the Royal Home, can contribute to overcoming this path more quickly and easily.

I fully support the leadership of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, because it recognized the importance and dedicated itself to the education of young people and the promotion of the values of the monarchy among our youth. Only the young have the strength to bring the necessary changes to our society, and I believe that this should continue to be the focus of your work.

You are not a political organization, you gather everybody, regardless of their political, religious, national or any other orientation. I am grateful to you for respecting this recommendation of mine and for following it in your work”, said Crown Prince Alexander in his message.

The ceremonial part of the meeting was opened by the Royal version of the national anthem of Serbia “God of Justice”, and this part of the meeting was attended by Mr. Darko Spasic and Mr. Zoran Zivanovic, members of the Crown Council. In the working part of the Assembly, Mr. Milos Pavkovic was re-elected to be the President of the Kingdom of Serbia Association in the upcoming period.

The Kingdom of Serbia Association (KS) was founded by a group of Belgrade University students in 2008 and was first called King’s Youth. The association was established as a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-party organization, under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, with the goal of restoring the constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia. This group of young people, convinced that the restoration of constitutional monarchy can help Serbia, has managed with their positive activities to encourage both the younger and the older population to join them.

Because of the wish of many people older than 26 years to join them, since January 2010 King’s Youth as a brand continued to operate as a youth section of the greater organization – Kingdom of Serbia Association. The Association is open to everybody, regardless of their political, ethnic, or religious affiliation. Membership grows every day, and currently, the Association has over 21,000 members and is the largest NGO in Serbia.

In achieving its objectives, the Kingdom of Serbia Association uses non-violent and democratic means and rejects undemocratic and totalitarian methods. Only by a positive campaign, promotional activities, and humanitarian work, the Association promotes constitutional parliamentary monarchy.