Mr. Greg E. Fischer, the Mayor of Louisville, one of the largest cities in Kentucky, United States of America, has proclaimed 18 October 2021 to be Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia Day in this city. This is another recognition of the high respect that many important people abroad have for Their Royal Highnesses!

In his Proclamation, Mayor Fischer wrote: ”Greetings to whom all these presents shall come, know ye that October 18, 2021, is hereby proclaimed in Louisville, Kentucky to be Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia Day, and I urge all citizens to observe this special recognition”.

“I am very happy that the efforts of my wife and me are being recognized by our friends from all around the world. This newest honor, which came from the Mayor of Louisville, Mr. Greg E. Fischer, brought a lot of joy to our hearts because we know that our activities to promote Serbia and its people and to make friendships worldwide, are being followed and are making results. From these connections we have and maintain with many important persons in the world, and which we are using to support our country and to show the entire world how great nation we are, with lots of potentials, are bringing numerous benefits to our people. I send my thanks to Mayor Fischer and I invite him to visit Serbia, so we can discuss more about the connections that can be made between our country, our people, and this great American city”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander on this occasion.