Dragomir Acovic

Petar Petrovic

Sanja Lazic

Education: BA History of Art Profession: curator Job position: curator of the collection of Serbian painting fron XVIII and XIX century in the National Museum in Belgrade

-professional Biography:

-Graduated in 1997 at the department of History of Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (National history of the modern age) in the class of Professor Dr Miodrag Jovanovic. From 1998 he was an associate of the Department for History of Art in Belgrade, and from 1999 works as a curator at the department for Modern Art of the National Museum in Belgrade. He is curator of the collection of Serbian painting from XVIII and XIX century of the National Museum in Belgrade. He worked on the realization of numerous exhibitions, was the author of exhibition catalogues, as well as of professional texts from the field of history of art.

-selection of bibliography and exhibitions

Sveta Gora – graphics by R.Zvergera, P.Rataitza, and catalogue for exhibition with preface by Father Mitrofan of Hilandar, November-December 1998 – cooperation on the catalogue and placing exhibition

Šaraku in the interpretation of contemporary Japanese artists, catalogue for an exhibition at the National Museum and Embassy of Japan in Belgrade, September – October 1998 –cooperation on organising exhibition

Radost Boja, catalogue of a retrospective exhibition of Nikola Basevic (1892 – 1970), February – March 1999 (cooperation with curators Nikola Kusovac and Gordana Stanic);

N. Kusovac, P. Petrovic, Collection of paintings of NIS Jugopetrol, catalogue, edition “Private collections” No.2, Belgrade 2000 (biographies of authors)

P. Petrović, Old Belgrade at the paintings of Luka Mladenovic (1909 – 2000), catalogue for exhibition, National Museum Belgrade, September-October 2000

P. Petrović, Stevan Todorović (1832-1925), exhibition catalogue, National Museum Belgrade, August-October 2002

P. Petrović (J. Pantić), The file of Paja Jovanovic, Conservation and restoration of the paintings stolen from an exhibition in Arandjelovac 2001, National Museum Belgrade, May 2004

P.Petrović, About a portrait of Uros Knezevic, Collected works of the National Museum XVII/2 – history of art (Belgrade 2004), 323-333.