Palavestra Predrag

Prof. Dr. Predrag Palavestra PhD., CC, SANU. Recipient of several awards: April Award of Sarajevo (1966), Milan Bogdanovic Award (1969), Djordje Jovanovic Award (1980), etc. Head of the Department for Language and Literature of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Served as Editor of literary magazines “Knjizevne novine” and “Savremenik”. Frequent literary critic in several newspapers and magazines. Director of the Institute for Literature and Art in Belgrade and University Lecturer at the Universities of London, Notthingham, Copenhagen, Oslo, Uppsala, Zagreb, Trieste, University of Victoria (The Landsdowne Lectures), Ottawa and “Queen’s” (Canada), as well as at the Western Washington State University (Bellingham). President Serbian P.E.N. Centre and Member of the Advisory Board of the “Literary Research” of the International Comparative Literature Association. Born in 1930. Married, father of a son. Resides in Belgrade (Serbia, Yugoslavia).

Author of many published works, among others: Literary Themes (Essays, 1958), Literature of Young Bosnia (Monograph, 1965), Post-War Serbian Literature (Monograph, 1972), Dogma and Utopia of Dimitrije Mitrinovic, Beginnings of the Serbian Literary Avantgarde (Monograph, 1977), Hidden Poet: Ivo Andric (Critical biography, 1981), Critical Literature (Essays, 1983), Heritage of the Serbian Modernism (Essays, 1985), History of Modern Serbian Literature (Literature history, 1986), Literature as Criticism of Ideology (Essays, 1991), A Book about Andric (Monograph, 1992), Literature and Public Speech (Commentaries, 1994), Literary Polemics (Essays, 1995), etc.