Cultural Artistic Society Serbian Embroidery (“Srpski vez”) from Kumanovo, Northern Macedonia, for nine years of its work and existence, organized the 9th all-night annual concert on Saturday, 18 June 2022, in the big hall of the Cultural Centre “Trajko Prokopiev” in Kumanovo, at which a letter from HRH Crown Prince Alexander was read, greeting the participants.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander also sent a significant number of books as a gift for the library of Srpski Vez Ensemble, to support their efforts in preserving Serbian cultural identity and tradition.

The greeting letter was read on the concert, and books were delivered by Mr. Miroslav Blagojevic, President of Cultural Artistic Society “Oplenac”, together with other representatives of this Ensemble, which is under the patronage of His Royal Highness. Mr. Arnaud Gouillon, Director of the Office for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia also attended the event and addressed the present people.

Society “Oplenac” and Ensemble “Sevdah” from Vranje, Serbia, signed an Agreement on Cooperation and fraternal relations with “Srpski vez” on this occasion. Ensembles “Bojmija”, Gevgelija, North Macedonia, and “Biser”, from Drazevac, Serbia, participated in the event and presented the great talent of their students.

“Keep your connections close and cherish them. The bridges of friendship that connect you are overcoming distances and boundaries. And I call and encourage you to make even more connections with other Societies in Serbia and abroad.

Your work is very important and much appreciated. You cherish our culture and tradition, in the best possible way, by keeping and promoting the customs of our people through musical and dancing art. It is very important for the Serbian people who live away from our homeland to keep it as their greatest treasure and not forget our national customs. I know it very well, as I was forced to live for so long away from our homeland.

How important it is to cherish our tradition is the fact that UNESCO in 2017, declared our national dance – Kolo, to be a cultural legacy, saying it is “an important integrative function that nurtures collective identities and bears the label of local and regional common identities”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his letter.

Ensembles also visited Zebrnjak monument, dedicated to the victory of Serbian Army in the First Balkan War in Kumanovo battle, and the Monastery of Saint George near Staro Nagoricane, endowment of medieval Serbian King Milutin Nemanjic.