TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine greeted today members of the Eco Infinity Youth Association from the town of Sjenica, Serbia, at the Royal Palace.

These young people are visiting Belgrade as part of the preparation activities for the “Infinity Festival”, which the Association is organizing this year for the 3rd time, in the period from 22 to 26 August in Sjenica. In the following week, members of the Association will meet representatives of various institutions and visit places important for young people. On the first day of their activities in Belgrade, they had a meeting with Their Royal Highnesses, as well as a tour of the Royal Palace, where they heard a lot of interesting details about the history and tradition of the Royal family of Serbia.

“Crown Princess Katherine and I are both very happy that we had a chance to meet these great young people, to hear their ideas and visions. Sometimes we all get worried about the future of our world, but when I see the enthusiasm of the youth we met today, and how their attitude is positive and progressive, I am sure the future of our country and the world is safe.

The fact that they are making actual efforts to improve the position of youth in society and correct things, instead of just talking, is a true inspiration. They deserve every praise and it is important that we all support their work”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander on this occasion.

Infinity Festival 2023 will be held in various locations in the town of Sjenica, Serbia from 22 to 26 August under the slogan “More participants, less visitors”. The main goal of the festival is to provide young people the opportunity to be heard by decision-makers about their needs and problems, with concrete actions to be followed. The idea is to provide an opportunity for youth, especially from smaller communities in Serbia, to exchange ideas with their peers from other countries of Europe and the world, and to discuss the issues they are facing with representatives of the Government, foreign Embassies in Serbia and other important institutions, through workshops and panels, but also music, sports, and other activities.

At this year’s festival, it is expected about 250 domestic and 70 international participants – youth representatives, and about 50 participants from diplomatic and governmental bodies, with a total number of 3,200 visitors (over 2,500 young people between 13 and 35). Relevant ministries of the Government of Serbia, 25 Embassies, and 5 international organizations in Belgrade have provided their support to this Festival.

Topics of the Infinity Festival are: How to teach young people about life through high school education; how youth policy can be a key actor in solving young people’s problems; how to stop youth migrations – young people in villages, young people in towns; how to support youth employment in smaller communities; how to engage young people through music, sports, art, and music.