Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine wish a blessed and Merry Christmas to all believers around the world who celebrate this great holy day according to the Julian calendar. His Royal Highness on this occasion also sent and received personal congratulations from His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Porfirije, and other Bishops of our church.

“On the occasion of one of the most joyous and holiest days since the beginning of time, the birth of the Son of our Lord, to all citizens of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and all people around the world who celebrate this sacred day tomorrow, we extend our warmest congratulations.

Our traditional greeting for this great day starts with the words “Peace of God”. These are not just words; they symbolize God’s will and provision for each person’s life on earth – peace and love. It is also a reminder of the words with which the Heavenly Armies announced the birth of Christ: “Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth, goodwill to all people.” It is also a reminder of what we all need the most.

When we open our hearts to God’s love, we will be able to be at peace with ourselves and with our fellow men. It is also the support and haven we need. We must also share this love with all other people, with “our fellow men”. When we spend this glorious day with our families and friends recollecting the true meaning and importance of Christmas, but also sharing the love of our Lord with each other, then we are really remembering and honouring the Birth of our Savior.

Most of all, my wife, my family, and I wish you good health, much love, and prosperity. Let your home and your family be a source of peace, warmth, and love. Expecting the most joyous holiday, when we look at Bethlehem and witness the birth of the Son of God, let peace fill our hearts, and let the hope and faith of the shepherds and the wise men who came to adore him be also ours. Let love for the world that was given to us and love for our Creator be in us, so that we could, with pure hearts and clear conscience, greet each other with the traditional words of greeting, which I am saying with great joy – Peace of God, Christ is born!”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.