Royal Warrants are a prestigious mark of recognition to those who are regular suppliers of goods and services to the Royal Compound. The decision to award Royal Warrants is made by HRH Crown Prince Alexander II the Head of the Royal House. All the details regarding the use of the Royal Warrant are regulated by separate rules and contracts.

Royal Purveyors are allowed to display the Royal Coat of Arms with the words “By appointment to HRH Crown Prince Alexander II” on the packaging of their products. Royal Warrants are regulated by Contract and valid for a year, which may be extended or terminated by both sides. Termination can occur at any time if certain conditions are not met.

The tradition of Royal Warrants exists in all European Monarchies. In the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Royal Warrants were given for the first time during the reign of His Majesty King Alexander I (Crown Prince Alexander’s grandfather), and it has now been re-introduced.

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