On the occasion of the great Serbian commemoration of Vidovdan HRH Crown Prince Alexander extended his best wishes to His Holiness Patriarch Irinej, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the citizens of Serbia.

“We are commemorating another Vidovdan, one of the most important dates for the Serbian church and people. We are a small nation, but our history is great. We do not mark Vidovdan as a day of defeat, but we commemorate it as a true symbol of the spirit of the nation. That is why I wish this commemoration to be spent in peace, unity and good faith. Serbian people today must be more united than ever. Today, we remember all Serbian heroes, important historical events that took place on this day, Serbian Kosovo, and we pray for them. There is a saying among our people: “It will be seen on Vidovdan who is who”. That is why I appeal that you all be united, to protect and love our families, Serbia, and to always mention in our prayers all the fallen heroes who laid down their lives for Serbia throughout history. As long as we commemorate Vidovdan, our future is bright. Long live Serbia!”