His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander extends his congratulations to citizens of Serbia for National Day:

“I extend my best wishes to the people of Serbia as we celebrate our National Day on Monday 15 February. On this day, 212 years ago, our ancestors started creating a modern Serbia. Today, we are once again in a similar situation. Serbia has to build itself as a country where all citizens can and want to live with dignity, a country where human rights are respected and where the rule of law is valued, a country which remembers its past with respect, where these values are not put in jeopardy because of political interests. Serbia is and always has been an European country, and if sometimes people abroad are not aware of that we are and we must stay assured. To be a part of Europe doesn’t necessarily mean to choose between two or more main European options, but to think and feel as part of Europe without borders. Long live Serbia!”.