Queen Alexandra was the daughter of HM King Alexander of the Hellenes and HRH Princess Aspasia of Greece and Denmark (née Aspasia Manos). Queen Alexandra born in Athens Greece 25 March 1921 and died 30 January 1993 in East Sussex England. The Queen was educated at Westfield, the junior school of Heathfield, then she went to Heathfield. Following schooling in England Queen Alexandra went to Mademoiselle Ozanne in Paris.

Queen Alexandra met HM King Peter II of Yugoslavia in London in 1942 and they married in March 1944 and their son HRH Crown Prince Alexander was born in London 17 July 1945.

The Queen was buried at Tatoi Palace Royal Cemetery near Athens and and reburied on Sunday 26 May 2013 in Serbia at the Royal Family Mausoleum at Oplenac.

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