His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II accompanied by Mr. Dragomir Acović, Chairman of the Crown Council, attended the launch of the book “Cars and Karadjordjevic dynasty” by Miroslav Milutinovic. The book was symbolically presented at the building of the Archives of Yugoslavia, which was built as a foundation, at the initiative and with the financial support of His Majesty King Alexander I, the grandfather of HRH Crown Prince Alexander II.

At the promotion, beside its author those present were addressed by the director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Miladin Milosevic, the editor Peter Arbutina, Chairman of the Privy Council Dragomir Acović, and the president of the Association of Motorsports Historians Nebojsa Djordjevic.

The book deals with an important part of automobile history in Serbia from 1908 to 1941. Readers will find a number of interesting and little known facts about the most popular cars of that era, which thanks to some members of the Karadjordjevic dynasty could be found on our streets. The author of the book, carefully researched the history of motoring, the book highlights an interesting part of the national past, closely related to the Royal Family, and the development of technological revolution in Serbia. In the book we learn which car was used by each member of the dynasty, as well as accurate information about the characteristics of each vehicle. The richly illustrated monograph were made even more interesting by quoting information about the prices of cars, fuel costs, maintenance and supply of spare parts, as well as the traffic regulations of the time.

The fact is that the members of the Karadjordjevic dynasty were driving the most representative and most reliable cars of the time. Also, the choice of cars reveals the taste and needs of the Royal family in the first half of the 20th century. On the other hand, the dynasty’s relation to cars influenced the development of the automobile culture in the country, says Miroslav Milutinovic. The advent of cars in Serbia was not at all that delayed in comparison to other European countries. In addition to the exclusivity of the material presented in the book, it is important to note it is well supported facts, which are the result of the author’s dedicated research. This is evidenced by the abundance of data and a broad background documentation containing quotes from hundreds of sources.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander II warmly recommends to the citizens of Serbia to read this interesting book.

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