HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, and the Crown Princess Foundation responded with great pleasure to the “Work Action with Tamara” TV show team and the Association for Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis invitation and provided help to the Ilic-Todorovic family from the village of Milosevo near Jagodina.

Thanks to the generosity of the Lifeline Chicago benefactors, the family was given a wheelchair and a toilet chair for the oldest boy, who suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, toys were brought for the other children, and the whole family also received firewood for the coming winter.

Crown Princess Katherine is very pleased that we were part of this wonderful project. Her Royal Highness thanks our long-term collaborators from the Association for Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis and conveys special gratitude to Mrs. Tamara Grujic and the entire “Work Action” team, who together are the most beautiful example of sincere charity.

Watch the broadcasted episode on the Prva Television YouTube channel:

Episode description: In the village of Milosevo near Jagodina, in a modest home, the twelve-member Ilic-Todorovic family lives, without a kitchen with walls destroyed by moisture. Aleksandra Ilic and Dragan Todorovic are the parents of nine children, four girls and five boys. They both have one marriage behind them and children who have been living with them for the six years that they have been together. They also have three children together. The oldest boy, Aleksandra’s son Diamant (17) suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, uses a wheelchair, has difficulty speaking and according to the doctors’ prognosis, there is no possibility of cure. Son Giuliano (15), a student at a culinary high school, fell in love with cooking because he helps his mother and cooks for the family. Daughter Angela (12) doesn’t like to cook, but that’s why she looks after her younger sisters Teodora (3) and Teona (2). Three more sons are David (10), Jovan (11), Aleksa (12) and Teodor (5). The “Work Action with Tamara” show crew solved a terrible moisture problem in the house, and then completely renovated the bathroom and built the kitchen, which the house did not have. The insulation and facade have been done so that the problem with moisture does not repeat. At first glance, a small and unconditioned house has been renovated into a home that will provide the children with a safe and happy upbringing.