Djordje Novakovic, PC (appointed in 1992), journalist of the British Broadcasting Corporation from 1949 to 1983.  Life Member of the national Union of Journalists in the UK.  Born in Dubrovnik in 1923.  Resident in England since 1947.  Grammar school in Sibenik, Dalmatia.  Diploma in Theology, Dorchester College, England.  Married, one daughter and one son.

Entire career spent with the BBC World Service Monitoring at Caversham Park near Reading, Berkshire.  Started in 1949 as a linguist (monitor) for Serbo-Croat and Italian and ended in 1983 as Deputy Head of Monitoring and head of the main department consisting  of a staff about 200, including 120 linguists.  Appointments in between included: Serbo-Croat Chief Monitor (1956), Supervisor Operations (1961).  Report Writer, mostly at the African desk (1968) and Senior News Sub-Editor, Newsroom (1970).  Had spells of duty in Africa (Malawi) and with the BBC Russian Service in Bush House, London.