His Majesty King Alexander was born 1 August 1893 in the summer Palace of Tatoi near Athens. He was king of Greece 11 June 1917 until his death 25 October 1920.

King Alexander was the second son of King Constantine I, he succeeded his father in 1917, during World War I. The followers of Eleftherios Venizelos sent King Constantine I, and his eldest son Crown Prince George, into exile.

King Alexander married Aspasia Manos on 17 November 1919, and he was bitten by a domestic monkey and died of sepsis. Aspasia Manos became Princess Aspasia of Greece and Denmark after King Alexander’s death and the restoration of King Constantine I, on 10 September 1922.

King Alexander and Princess Aspasia had a daughter Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark born posthumously 21 March 1921. Princess Aspasia spent World War II in England. In 1944, her daughter Princess Alexandra married King Peter II of Yugoslavia, and Aspasia became a grandmother with the birth of Crown Prince Alexander 17 July 1945

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