It was with grief and anger that I received the news about Oliver Ivanovic being murdered in Kosovska Mitrovica today. It is an irrecoverable loss for his family, but also for those who have peace and justice at hearts and in thoughts.

I do not wish to prejudge anyone in advance, but I’m afraid this murder has many perpetrators and even more planners. Those who launched the hunt for Oliver Ivanovic, those who participated in his unjustifiably long stay in prison, those who had sympathy for everyone and everything except for the troubles of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija, those who still believe that problems are most effectively solved by killing political rivals, they have survived and continue their criminal campaign.

The assassination of Oliver Ivanovic is horrible, but unhindered and unpunished actions of those who are as guilty as the ones who pulled the trigger represent the defeat of humanity, civilization and democracy, and no one has the right to stay aside.