Indianapolis University
doctors visit Belgrade and Novi Sad again
Belgrade, 19 June 2004 – A group of physicians –
gynecologists, neonatologists and genetics experts led by Dr. Alan
Golichovsky of the University of Indianapolis visited again the
Clinical Center of Serbia and the Belgrade University School of
Medicine, from 13 to 18 June.
This visit was organized by the Foundation of HRH
Crown Princess Katherine, and it is the continuation of the
cooperation started last December, initiated by the Crown Princess,
who made the first contacts with the group of Indianapolis doctors
were visiting our country. The reason for this visit is to set the
terms of cooperation between the Universities of Belgrade and Novi
Sad and Indianapolis in exchanging students, doctors and professors.

The doctors spent one week working with their
colleagues of the Institute for gynecology and obstetrics of the
Clinical Center of Serbia, learning about the way they work in our
clinics and exchanging their experiences with our experts.
During their stay the Indianapolis doctors also
visited the Gynecology Clinic and the Institute for health
protection of children in Novi Sad.
The official cooperation with our Universities
will start this autumn when the first exchange of students should be
organized, and later expert training for our physicians in







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