Shepherdess, c. 1950

Oto Logo (1931-2016)



41 cm

sign. d. r.

Inv. No. 68/02


The stylised and unproportionate figure of the Shepherdess contains all the essential characteristics of Oto Logo’s sculptures. In fashioning his visual expression within the framework of contemporary global orientations, Logo moved towards pure form through a deformation of certain elements. The surfaces of his sculptures are specially treated and in that way they achieve tactile and chromatic values which enhance the impression the work leaves; for that reason his sculptures are frequently interpreted as metaphors.

 Oto Logo.- He finished elementary school in Subotica and then moved with his family to Belgrade. He completed two years of the art school in Novi Sad and then enrolled the Academy of Applied Arts in the class of professor Radeta Stanković, where he proved to be a very talented student. Logo became a member of the Association of Serbian Artists in 1955. He exhibited at numerous shows and participated in a number of international symposia in former Yugoslavia, so his works can be found in Krapina, Aranđelovac and Labin. He had several solo exhibitions abroad, in Paris, Venice, Brussels, Zurich, etc. He is the author of a number of monuments, such as the monument to Jovan Cvijić in Belgrade (1995), the monument to the combatants of the city of  Ljig (1985), the monument to Živojin Mišić in Mionica (1988), the monument to Marko Miljanov in Podgorica, the monument to the first parade of airborne units of the partisan army on the island of Vis, the monument to Habib Bourguiba (in Sousse, Tunisia), as well as a number of busts of national heroes. Oto Logo has received important awards, such as the Award of the City of Belgrade (October Award), the award for the monument to the President of the Republic of Tunisia Habib Bourguiba (1975), the order of Grand officier for cultural merits (1977, Tunisia), etc.