The Association of War Volunteers 1912 – 1918 officially opened the memorial complex “Volunteer’s Gate of the Village of Aleksandrovo” and unveiled the bust of His Majesty King Alexander I in Aleksandrovo today. The memorial complex was officially opened by Mr. Predrag Markovic, a member of the Crown Council representing His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander who, together with representatives of the Association of War Volunteers 1912-1918 unveiled the bust of the late King Unifier.

After His Grace Bishop Nikanor of Banat and the clergy consecrated the memorial complex and the bust. Mr. Predrag Markovic addressed everyone and read a letter from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander:

“It is a great honour and pleasure to greet you on the occasion of the opening of the memorial complex “Volunteers’ gate of the village of Aleksandrovo” and unveiling a bust of my grandfather, HM King Alexander I, the supreme commander of our glorious army and your ancestors’ comrade. I am very sorry that I am unable to be with you today. I am happy and proud that you have not forgotten my grandfather and your grandfathers, who, with their courage, created a better future for us. Thank you, my dear villagers of Aleksandrovo, for everything you are doing so that our future generations will remember them, too.

The village Aleksandrovo was founded by King Alexander I in 1922. He settled it with the First World War volunteers from the territory of Lika and some villages in eastern Banat. From inception to 1943, the village was named Aleksandrovo, and from 1943 on, it was called Banatsko Aleksandrovo. The village bore this name until 1947, when it was given a new name, Livade, and since 1948 it was called the Velike Livade. In 1992, it returned to its original name Aleksandrovo.

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