Members of the Advisory bodies of the Crown laid a wreath today at Galovica Field near Pranjani, on behalf of HRH Crown Prince Alexander. This is where the Operation Halyard took place, the biggest Allied airlift operation behind enemy lines during World War II.

During Operation Halyard in 1944, several hundred United States pilots and several dozen British pilots, together with air crews from Russia, France and other Allied countries were taken to freedom from an improvised airstrip in the Village of Pranjani near Gornji Milanovac in a joint operation conducted by Serbian villagers, the Royal Yugoslav Army in the Homeland and the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Mr. Predrag Marković, Mr.Zoran Živanović and Mr. Vladan Živulović from the Crown Council as well as Mr. Đurđe Ninković and Mr.Ljubodrag Grujić, from the Privy Council attended the official ceremony. In his greeting letter, HRH Crown Prince Alexander said: “In dire scarcity and poverty during the difficult moments of the occupation, Serbian farmers took from themselves and their loved ones last pieces of food and clothing to help their allies, who were rescued from the wreckages of the downed planes, evading pursuit of Nazi Germany’s troops and their collaborators.

Remembering Halyard Mission is very important to us, as a pledge for the future friendship of the American and Serbian people. It is a beacon that will, in times of turmoil, show us the safe path to go.”

The ceremony was also attended by the President of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vucic as well as the Parliament Speaker Mrs. Maja Gojkovic.