Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine opened the exhibition “Sculpting Through Time: European Sculpture from the Royal Palace”, which will be opened until 27 November.

This exhibition is an attempt to bring the art of sculpture to the public by placing the most representative sculptures of the Royal Collection for the first time in a new context of reviewing the development of the European styles in sculpture from antiquity to the first half of the 20th century, concluding with the work of the Yugoslav artist Ivan Mestrovic.

The Royal Collection is a mirror that sheds light on the ideals, ideological principles and taste of the Karadjordjevic Royal Dynasty, most notably TM King Alexander I Karadjordjevic and Queen Maria Karadjordjevic, who in her free time practiced sculpture. The jewel of this exhibition is the only surviving work of HM Queen Maria, the grandmother of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, the statue “A Knight in Contemplation”.

The Royal Collection contains copies of Lyssipos’ sculptures, works by the most famous French sculptors Augustin Pajou, Claude Michel Clodion, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and Emmanuel Frémiet, as well as significant works by the unknown artists that bring us closer to the time when they were created.

The author of the exhibition is Vidak Orlovic.

The Exhibition “Sculpting Through Time: European Sculpture from the Royal Palace” at the White Palace will be opened to visitors on weekdays until 27 November, between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, with the prior announcement to HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Office, by phone 011/306-4000 or via e-mail: