Dragomir Acovic

Petar Petrovic

Sanja Lazic

Professional qualifications: Painter of applied arts-restorer

Professional title: Senior conservator

Position: Conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas and wood in the Conservation and Restoration Department of the National Museum in Belgrade

Professional biography

Born in Belgrade in 1966.

Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in 1994, under Professor Gradimir Petrovic, and the Conservation and Paintings Restoration under Professor Gordana Zunjic Kusovac.

Worked as a freelance contributor at the National Museum from 1994 to 1996. Passed the State Exam in 1996, since when has worked as the conservator of the paintings on canvas and wood at the National Museum Conservation Centre (Paintings Restoration Studio). Over the course of twenty years of work at the Museum, participated on the protection of cultural heritage in the field of paintings conservation and restoration, in the context of numerous projects and exhibitions. In addition, she was engaged in research in the field of painting technologies as well as the technique of painting portraits, based on which she gained higher museum title, after publishing her work “Conservation Issues of Miniatures from the Collection of the National Museum in Belgrade” in 2014.