TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine today delivered a van for transporting persons with disabilities to the Home for Children and Persons with Disabilities “Dr. Nikola Sumenkovic” in Stamnica. The keys of the Renault van, were recieved by Mrs. Jasmina Stanisavljevic, Head accountant of the Home, in the name of Mrs. Ana Tomasevic, director of the Home.

The donation, worth 13,500 Euros, was provided with the help of the Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization, whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine, and in memory of Milica Malesevic. The late Milica Malesevic dedicated her life to her family, faith and the needs of others and after her falling asleep in the Lord, she continued her extreme generosity through charitable gift. For the last several years Lifeline Chicago has been making donations in Milica’s honor to the „Dr. Nikola Sumenkovic“ Home.

Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization provided funds for 10 hospital beds with anti-decubitus mattresses for adults, 5 children’s hospital beds with mattresses, a mechanical scale with an altimeter, an ophthalmoscope, and an otoscope for „Dr. Nikola Sumenkovic“ Home. The value of donated medical equipment was 10,000 Euros.

Additionally, a donation worth 5,000 Euros was present for rearranging the Home’s yard consists of constructing a summer classroom and placing garden tables and benches and is also provided by the Lifeline Chicago Humanitarian Organization