His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander wishes Blessed and Merry Christmas to all believers around the world who celebrate this great holiday tomorrow, according to the Julian calendar.

“The birth of the Son of our Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ, is one of the holiest days in the entire history, and on the occasion of this great holiday, I extend my warmest congratulations to all citizens of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and all people around the world who celebrate this sacred day tomorrow.

We live in restless times, that are difficult for the entire world, where our people are also facing many challenges. Sometimes it may seem that we don’t know anything other than living in difficult times. But there is something that always keeps us and leads us, and that is our faith and our hope. Faith in our Lord, who sent his son to all of us on this day more than two millenniums ago, to bring us hope and salvation. Carried by the same faith that our ancestors had, which guided them through difficulties and challenges, we send our prayers to the Almighty God to give His blessing to all the people around the world. These blessings bring warmth into our hearts, fill them with the love of our Lord, and remind us of the importance of following his holy words, and his path.

Most of all, my family and I wish you good health, much love, and prosperity. Let your home and your family be a source of peace, warmth, and love. On this Holy Day, each Orthodox home is a small sanctuary, and the love should be spread from them around the world. When we spend this glorious day with our families and friends, that love will be much stronger.

With great joy, I am saying the words of our traditional greetings – Peace of God, Christ is born!”, said Crown Prince Alexander.