HRH Crown Prince Alexander visited the memorial complex at Ravna Gora Mountain today and paid his respect to General Dragoljub Draža Mihailović and all the heroic soldiers of the Yugoslav Army in Homeland.

The event was organized by Ravna Gora Movement, and the occasion for the visit was the 82nd anniversary since Colonel (at that time) Dragoljub Mihailovic with a group of 25 officers and soldiers came to this place in Suvobor mountain and started the guerilla fighting against the Nazi occupiers. As Crown Prince’s obligations did not allow him to come to Ravna gora on the exact anniversary, his visit was organized on the first available date.

The event started with a church ceremony led by Archimandrite Mihailo Bikovic, Father Superior of Jovanje monastery and clergy of the Valjevo diocese, followed by the program and laying wreaths in front of the monument to Dragoljub Mihailović. Crown Prince also visited the Museum at Ravna gora, dedicated to the Yugoslav Army in Homeland.

”From this holy place, the spark of liberty and resistance towards the conquering troops spread like fire across the entire country. The pledge of our ancestors was once again obeyed and honored, and firmly shown to those who tried to enslave our homeland – that we are freedom-loving people, always on the side of good, and that we do not tolerate shackles.

Draža and his soldiers were fighting on two fronts, against two extreme ideologies, both of which were against every value on which our people stand on. In this fight they were always faithful to our roots, our national heritage, and to the words of the oath they took – “With faith in God, for King and Homeland”. They have put their lives on the altar of the homeland in a righteous fight for justice and freedom. With their sacrifice, Ravna Gora became an important symbol for every true patriot in our country.

Although those whose names I will not mention here tried to slander Draža’s name, it remained glorious and remembered with great love and respect. I must say, they tried the same with my father’s name as well. But people of honour never believed in the fairytales written in official history, but kept the memory of the truth. And the truth prevailed, as it always does.

By honouring those heroes, we are all obliged to always be faithful to supreme values and ideals of justice, righteousness, loyalty, honesty, and fairness. May the name of Ravna Gora always be pronounced with pride and dignity. We must always be aware of how important the tradition of the Yugoslav Army in Fatherland is to our country and our people, to our history”, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his speech.