His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander, deeply worried by the current situation in the Middle East, sends his sincere condolences for all lost lives.

„With great disturbance and sadness, I have been following the news about the terrorist attack and consequently the war that has started in Israel. I am sending my deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of the victims, who suffered such an overwhelming loss.

Acts of terrorism can never be justified in any way, and deserve every condemnation. Their effects are destruction, pain, and suffering of innocent people, and I am deeply worried for the future not only of the Middle East but of the entire society if this conflict continues.

The people of Serbia know very well how much suffering wars like this bring, we have suffered a lot in the past. And no one should suffer like that anymore. The people of Israel need peace, the people of Palestine need peace. The world that we all live in, needs peace desperately!“, stated HRH Crown Prince Alexander.