TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine continued their humanitarian mission by attending two very successful fundraising events that were organized last weekend by Lifeline Canada Humanitarian organization, which is under Her Royal Highness’ patronage for more than 25 years. First, a fundraising dinner was held on Saturday, 14 October in The Don Valley Hotel in Toronto, followed by a church service and a luncheon in Niagara Falls on Sunday, 15 October.

 Their Royal Highnesses were delighted to attend both events, which were also supported by H.E. Dejan Ralevic, the Ambassador of Serbia in Canada, Mr. Nebojsa Tatomir, Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto, Mr. Tom Rakocevic, a member of the Provincial Parliament of Ontario, Mr. Rami Blair, Vice Consul of the United States of America in Toronto, Mr. Darko Rajakovic, the head coach of the Toronto Raptors NBA Team, and many other distinguished guests, as well as a great number of friends and supporters of the Humanitarian organization Lifeline Canada, who once again showed their willingness and readiness to help those in need in our country.

These humanitarian events, with a charity auction held in Toronto, were organized following the joint vision of providing much-needed support for the improvement of healthcare for new-borns and children across Serbia. Namely, the main goal is to make sure that each hospital in Serbia is supported with hearing screening equipment.  

The hearing screening procedure for new-borns and young children is of the highest importance. I believe that no new-born baby should leave the hospital without a three-minute hearing test, to make sure that they do not have a hearing problem. I strongly believe that every hospital should have it and that parents must be encouraged so their children can take it, and that they can be certain that everything is all right. The devices that will be provided thanks to your generosity will enable a quick, accurate, and non-invasive hearing examination of new-borns, which will significantly improve the possibility of early detection of hearing problems and timely intervention. We must never stop supporting our healthcare institutions and fighting for a better future for our children. 

It is so heart-warming and rewarding, knowing that I am surrounded by people who share the same vision, passion, and dedication to help those in need. Together, over the past two and a half decades, we have done so much. We have helped so many orphanages, kindergartens, hospitals schools, and many other institutions. Whenever I go to these places, I see sincere smiles and gratitude on the faces of all the people you have helped with your honest generosity, and I want to share this wonderful feeling with you.  

Setting up a good example, the best example to the whole world has been my main mission from my early childhood, and it has been one of the most profound experiences in my life. And I see that all of you know very well how great pleasure it brings to you when you have helped somebody who needs aid. I am grateful for the opportunity to help our people. It is our duty, to always be there for the people of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska”, stated HRH Crown Princess Katherine on this occasion. 

We are very grateful to the people and the companies that made the charity auction possible with their valuable support. We would like to express sincere gratitude to: Mr. Nikola Jokic, for his generous donation of a personally signed basketball, Mr. Zoran Churchin, Lee LLP Law Company, Global Spring Service Ltd, Milan Kovacevic, Lily Markovic Photography, the Yerich Family, Brand Maruska, Ms. Dragana Gadjanski – artist, Ms. Milena Protich, Circle of Serbian Sisters at St George Serbian Orthodox Church in Niagara Falls, Mrs. Anne and Mr. George Radojcic Family, Mr. Richard Sereda and Ms. Georgina Kirlay, Rev. Jovan Marjanac, Secretary to His Grace Bishop Dr. Mitrofan of Canada, Denise Mateyk, President of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Niagara Falls, Daliborka Pjevac, the Head of Kolo Srpskih Sestara at St George Serbian Orthodox, V. Rev. Prvoslav Puric, Mr. George Saratlic, National Manager, marketing communications for Chevrolet Canada, Mr. Mladen Raickovic head of Global Partnerships Canada for Google, Mr. Tihomir Bajic, CEO of LTSE Software, Mr. Nikola Terzic and Mr. Fedor Vrbaski, the co-founders of SerbLink Toronto, as well as to all donors and members of Lifeline Canada Board of Directors and their team, and all others who contributed and made this event even more valuable and important.