HRH Crown Prince Alexander and his Foundation for Education and Culture continued the tradition of awarding more than 600 best high school graduates from Serbia and the Republic of Srpska for their outstanding academic results achieved in high school.

Instead of the traditional ceremony, as had been organized at the White Palace before the pandemic, at which the students had the opportunity to personally meet HRH Crown Prince Alexander, this year’s award ceremony was organized online, like in the previous three years, and the commendations and gifts for the students were sent through the post. His Royal Highness was very much looking forward to this year, and the opportunity to see all students in person, at the White Palace, but unfortunately, due to safety reasons, this difficult but necessary decision had to be made.

 The video ceremony during which the students will be addressed by Crown Prince Alexander, Assistant of Minister of Education of Serbia for High School Education, Mr. Miloš Blagojević, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Srpska, HE Mrs. Željka Stojičić, as well as motivational speakers will be broadcasted live on Tuesday, 27 June 2023 at 12 PM on YouTube LINK

HRH Crown Prince Alexander will once again send his congratulations to the best students for their success, but also to their teachers and parents, who gave significant contributions. “Every year I am very happy to see that we have good students who highly appreciate the great value of education. Our wish is to motivate young people to move further because education is very important. They must continue the path that they have started on, working on their education and improving themselves.

Before everything, for their wellbeing, but also, for the good of our country. Serbia and the Republic of Srpska need well-educated, smart young people. Only with knowledge, our homeland can progress and blossom. Contributing to your country and your people with knowledge is the highest and most noble example of true patriotism”, said Crown Prince Alexander.

His Royal Highness is very grateful to the Ministries of Education of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska for the traditional support the appropriate government bodies give to this event. The Crown Prince would also like to extend his gratitude to those who selflessly helped us: LinkGroup, who is our traditional supporter for many years, and who is this year awarding 40 scholarships for its prestigious ITA academy, as well as Mr. Richard Jankov, Executive Director of Upward Bound Youth, Mr. Zoran Beric, Founder and President of Fibre Node Services Company, Dr. Milos Starovic, Investment Banker and Author, Ms. Linda Van Kessler, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. Children’s Charity, Ms. Sheila Hultgren Giangrande, benefactor of Lifeline New York, as well as MIND Group from Kragujevac, and its director Mr. Bratislav Milanovic. We are also grateful to Mr. Emin Pećanin, President of Eco Infinity Youth Organization, for his address to students.

His Royal Highness started this tradition immediately after the return of the Royal Family to Serbia, and the first award ceremony for best high school students was organized in 2002. More than 10,000 young people in total have received awards from Crown Prince Alexander so far. Continuing the legacy of all his ancestors, HRH Crown Prince Alexander established the Foundation for Education and Culture, to provide support to young people. Together with associates and partners, the Crown Prince is dedicated to improving education and academic research in Serbia, as well as solving the problem of young and talented people outflow.