Due to the large public interest, the exhibition “General Mihailovic – the First Freedom Fighter in Occupied Europe” was re-opened today at the White Palace in Belgrade.

The exhibition, set up by a member of the Privy Council,  Mr Dusan Babac, was opened on  March 23, by HRH Crown Prince Alexander, who on that occasion said: “In April 1941, along with several hundred officers and soldiers, Colonel Mihailovic created the first resistance movement in World War II, not only in our country but also in the whole of Europe. Just as he was the first who resisted the Nazi occupation, General Mihailovic was the first who opposed the brutal post-war communist dictatorship. The process of his judicial rehabilitation began in 2006 and I sincerely hope that it will be completed as soon as possible”.

The Royal Palace Fund would like to thank the Yugoslav Archives, the Archives of SASA, the Embassy of France in Serbia, the US Embassy in Serbia, members of the Crown Council academician Matija Beckovic and Mr. Slobodan Markovic, Mr. Miloslav Samardzic, Mr. Branko Jevtic , Mr. Aleksandar Colic, as well as Ms. Aleksandra Rebic and Mr. Branko Petrovic from the United States, for their generous assistance and contributions to the exhibition.

The exhibition is open to visitors every working day at 3:00 pm, with the mandatory prior announcement by phone 011 306 4012 or via e-mail a.sosic@dvor.rs. Also, interested citizens can see the exhibition during the regular Royal Compound tours, organized at weekends by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.