The White Palace in Dedinje this year is one of the traditional exhibition locations within the Belgrade Museum Night event, where the visitors had an opportunity to see the exhibition depicting His Majesty King Peter the First – the King Liberator in the works of art.

The exhibition “Peter the First – King Liberator in the Works of Art” includes, for the first time in one place, collected portraits of HM King Peter I Karadjordjevic kept in all museums in the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, as well as in the wider area of ​​the former Yugoslavia and private collections. In this way, the visitors had the opportunity to see the portraits by Arsenije Petrovic, Uros Predic, Vlaho Bukovac, Nikola Milojevic, Spiro Bocaric, Vsevold Guljevic, Vladimir Becic, Bogosav Vojnovic – Pelikan, Vasa Eskicevic, Kristijan Krekovic, Miodrag Petrovic, Frances Owen Salisbury, Valdo Berbe, Auguste-Louis Lepère and others. All portraits are displayed as reproductions on canvas.

This year marks 175 years since the birth of His Majesty King Peter I, the founder of the Karadjordjevic Royal Dynasty, since his father, Prince Aleksandar, was an elective Prince, who did not have a recognized hereditary dignity for his family, while the Supreme Leader Karadjordje did not have an international recognition for the inheritance right given to him by the Serbian Assembly in 1808. By electing a new king in the National Assembly and by ascending the throne, King Peter Karadjordjevic marked the return of stability and continuity to Seerbia. Today the period of King Peter’s reign is most often considered to be the golden age of Serbia’s prosperity. King Peter I was a real people’s king in the true sense of the word, he has always been our most beloved king.

If there is one theme that played a decisive role in understanding the life of Peter Karadjordjevic, then it was freedom. It played an important role in his private and public (political) work, which was crowned with the final liberation of the parts of Serbia that had been under the Ottoman occupation, so that this day King Peter is remembered as the King Liberator.

Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine greeted the visitors, talked with them and took photographs. This interesting exhibition was available for a tour the same night as part of “Museum Night” and the visitors had the opportunity to refresh themselves with coffee and refreshments of “Bean and Leaf”.