The exhibition “The Centennial of King Peter II’s Birth – the Link Between Past and Present” was officially opened last night at the Cicevac National Library, and it will be displayed until 3 November 2023.

The exhibition, which was originally presented to the public at the Royal Palace in Belgrade on 6 September 2023, was opened in Cicevac by Mr. Uroš Parezanović, Head of Public Relations and Protocol of the Royal Palace. Mr. Parezanovic is the co-author of the exhibition, together with Mr. Dušan Babac, a member of the Privy Council. On this occasion, he also presented the copy of the Memoires of King Peter II to Mr. Marko Aleksic, the Director, as a gift sent from HRH Crown Prince Alexander to the Library in Cicevac.

Symbolically, the exhibition will be available for visitors until 3 November, which is the anniversary of King Peter II’s death. This is the continuation of the activities with which the Royal family of Serbia is marking the important anniversary, the centennial of King Peter II’s birth. Earlier in September, HRH Crown Prince Alexander and his Foundation for Education and Culture delivered copies of King’s Memoires to National Library of Serbia.

As HRH Crown Prince Alexander stated: “May this exhibition be a legacy to my father, an emotional memory of him, and may it help us to better understand today who he really was, one hundred years after his birth. The beloved son of his parents, taught to love his people and his country, and whom his people looked upon as a son. The monarch of the country whose foundations were undermined by many, the last King of Yugoslavia, my dear father – Peter II.”

His Royal Highness is grateful to Mr. Marko Aleksic, the Director, and all members of the staff of the National Library Cicevac for their contribution to honouring the century of King Peter II’s birth.

This cultural institution was founded in 1953 and is still the only one in the territory of the Cicevac Municipality (Central Serbia), in addition to its main activity, also acts as a cultural center, with a cinema, a gallery, an amateur theatre, the Folk Dance Troupe Moravac, and the City Women’s Choir. The Library expects that the exhibition will generate considerable interest, since, the most read non-fiction category among its users is history.