Today, on the World War II Serbian Victims Remembrance Day, a tragic day that reminds us of the massacre of the population of the City of Kragujevac and its surroundings by the Nazi occupation forces, including, unfortunately, children, let us remember and pray for all the innocent members of our people who fell as victims of this madness!

The terrible images from those dark days and the disturbing testimonies of those who lived through the “time of the Inhumans” must always be in our minds, so that such crimes never happen again. Our faith obliges us to forgive, but we must never forget.

We have a duty to constantly educate young people, to acquaint them with the scale of these terrible crimes and to know the danger of extreme, destructive ideologies. But not only that, we are also obliged to remind ourselves. Only together can we resolutely oppose intolerance, all forms of discrimination and all types of prejudice.

The memory of these terrible events and millions of victims obliges us to build a society of free and equal people, in which anti-Nazi and anti-fascist values will have a special place.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander