At the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, a day of great joy for all Christians, HRH Crown Prince Alexander wishes the people of Serbia and all across the world who celebrate Christmas by the Gregorian calendar a Merry Christmas from his family and himself.

“On the occasion of the forthcoming celebration of Christ’s birth I extend to all who celebrate this day according to the Gregorian calendar, my warmest congratulations. Christmas is the time of year when our loved ones gather in faith, hope and love to welcome the birthday of the Son of God. Christmas is also the time for people to come together, to give and to share at peace, a time to build respect for each other that helps us all be stronger.

My family and I wish you that the warmth and joy of this great Holy celebration fill your home so that you spend it in peace, love and joy. We also wish you a happy, prosperous and by God’s grace blessed new 2020 year. Peace on Earth, Christ is born!”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander in his message.